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Project Planner, Cairnhill Structures Scotland, Pater-Costain-AWE Mensa Project, Reading

START Date: 
March, 2019
END Date: 
July, 2019
  1. Prepared resource loaded Programmes for complex technical projects using MSP and P6
  2. Effectively administered and discharged NEC Contract Programme requirements
  3. Secured Extension of Time claims by demonstrating acceptable excusable delay events in Project Programmes
  4. I improved the quality of Project Programmes by carrying out integrity and quality assessment of Programmes in line with industry standard folling DCMA14
  5. Ensured that project progress updates are submitted on time to clients by providing Site Managers and Project Managers with weekly look ahead which helped them focus on the relevant activities for the period.
  6. I reviewed Project Progress update received from the field and discussed issues with the site Manages when there is a deviation from the planned sequence. 
  7. I keep the Project Managers alert on critical activities and when any foreseen deviation is likely.
  8. Attend regular Project meetings with Project teams and Client Project Planners where I contribute on Project Plan issues
  9. Maintained record and track project risks, early warnings, technical queries and advice the Project Manager on likely impact on project cost, schedule time, quality and potential compensation events.
  10. I have applied Variance Analysis to identify areas of project concerns and provided mitigating measures such as improving communication/discussions with stakeholders, adding/removing existing resources and rearranging activities task and logic have helped to bring the project back on track.
  11. I have helped the Project Managers by providing them with timely opportunities to response to threatening events that could push out completion date by identifying activities tending to critical.
  12. Demonstrated clear evidence of the impact of delay using P6 in Project Programmes
  13. Track project risks and ensured action items on the risk register are implemented
  14. Initiated project meetings that focused on contract programme management, realized and emerging delay events, stage gateway reviews and change control processes. 
  15. Saved company time by initiating in the planning process the need to identify long lead items that may cause delays to begin early procurement cycle. Order were delivered before the scheduled start date. 
  16. To reduce and eliminate delays and human factors that impact site activity reporting to the project office, I created electronic versions of simple daily activity report templates with the work pack leaders for each scheduled activity. This improved the quality of records from regular and timely submission of daily progress reports from the site.
  17. I kept the scheduled project activities on track and under control using Earned Value Analysis that established at any point in time if the project is ahead/behind schedule or under/or over budget. I also forecasted the cost at completion and to completion that supported cost management.
  18. When the project is behind schedule, I flag it up with the PM and recommend recovery solutions by looking at activities that could run parallelly and rearrange resource utilization. 
  19. Applying emotional intelligence and effective communication through emails, telephone and face to face discussions I got the engagement of all the stakeholder which resulted in capturing all stakeholders’ requirements and need leading to the creation of a comprehensive and clear project scope
  20. I initiated two weekly look-ahead meetings with the project team and kept the stakeholder updated through monthly progress reports and meetings
  21. I succeeded to create an open environment with the project team to encourage open/effective and early reporting of opportunities and issues to help the project accomplish the desired objectives
  22. I apply NEC 3 principles that stimulated good project management practices between the client and contractor that resulted in better outcomes and benefits in terms of contracts being delivered to their time, cost and performance objectives which increased profitability and timely payment of invoices by the client.
  23. I ensured scope creep is prevented by educating the project team leaders on the process and benefits of following the change management process to manage inevitable changes that are expected to occur.
  24. I used P6 Risk analysis features to provide success confidence by creating a risk-adjusted plan that allowed for appropriate schedule margin and cost contingency within the company risk tolerance 
  25. I accomplished significant savings on the Project resources cost by optimizing project resource utilization that ensure overloading is minimized and curtailed redundant resource and released them immediately they finish from the project.
  26. I help the PM and PMO to realize the impact of potential threats and opportunities facing the project in relation to progression of schedule activities, completion date, budgets, and quality of products by keeping an up to date S-curves and maintained an appropriate level of details in the Risk Register 
  27. I organized regular project workshop that yielded improved communication, cooperation and enhanced flow of documentation and information between the different groups involved in product development
  28. I follow-up with team leaders with constants reminders to hit and exceed targets that help the project realize regular milestone payments.
  29. I built a data base that captured the lessons learnt (issues and solution applied) that will be used as input to improve the planning and control processes for future projects. Also, developed and recorded project historical schedule information.
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