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4D BIM Wiki

4D BIM (Building Information Modeling) uses 3D CAD (computer aided design) or 3D modeling and links the individual 3D parts with the project delivery schedule to add time; the fourth dimension, to the BIM.


I agree, anything labeled

I agree, anything labeled more than 4D is outside the bounds of accepted practice and has entered the realm of marketing and left reality. Even the term 4D is questionable, but time is accepted as the 4th dimension. What are the field trades nD+1?


There seem to be an increasing number of articles and other writings that suggest that the dimensions beyond the 3rd in BIM (don't get me started on what a poor acronym that is as well!) have been allocated to certain types of information - they haven't so far in any internationally or nationally agreed way and probably don't need to be.  Discuss?

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