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earned value management

Is your Project ready for Earned Value Management (EVM)?

"Is your Project ready for Earned Value Management (EVM)?" by Patrick Kennerson


Beyond Earned Value Management

If I asked you what the trickiest part of project management was for your enterprise, what would you say?  If you answered managing the diverse projects in your portfolio – you’re not alone. Most businesses work on a variety of projects (whether it be different contract types, duration or dollar amounts) that can be categorized into four major tiers:

What the DMCA’s New ‘Data Driven Metrics’ Means for You

Did you know that the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) is well on its way to implementing new methods for verifying the health of the projects and programs it monitors? This means major changes to current project management and reporting processes for government contractors of all sizes.

Implementing Earned Value Management in a R&D Environment

"Implementing Earned Value Management in a R&D Environment"

by Julie Owen


Do Private Sector Small To Medium Sized, Entrepreneurial General Contractors Comply With ANSI 748? If yes, how, if not, why not?


Purpose of this paper:

This paper was written based on the occasionally heated debate debating the differences between the way the US Government uses earned value management compared against the way earned value management is used by small to medium sized entrepreneurial contractors.


Behavioral Profiling of "Successful" Project Managers


Purpose of this paper:

Practical Look at How Private Sector Entrepreneurial Contractors Use Earned Value


Purpose of this paper:

Much of the focus on Earned Value revolves around how governments use it, more specifically, how the US Government uses it. Given that the US Government at the Federal and State levels are technical bankrupt, should we be benchmarking what they are doing as if it were a “best practice” or would we be better off to see how the entrepreneurial private sector uses Earned Value to find out if there are any differences which might help other governments?

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