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  • Building & Construction Building & Construction Production Rates & Build Times: Hi there,Sending Builing & Construction MEP production rates & Build Times to rizwanbtech@gmail.com in excel format would... rizwan 09-Jan-17
  • BIM Software BIM Software covers many aspects of the stages of BIM and can be used to demonstrate each stage as part of the BIM methodology. Software includes the following :Asta Powerproject BIM3D - Autodesk... Adrian Vann 16-Nov-16
  • Asta Powerproject Enterprise  Asta Powerproject is a project and resource management software solution for organisations that manage people working across multiple projects, programmes and project portfolios.The enterprise... Adrian Vann 16-Nov-16
  • Asta Powerproject  Asta Powerproject is proven robust and scaleable software, rated no.1 by the Planning Engineers Organisation for construction project management and planning.70% of successful UK construction... Adrian Vann 16-Nov-16
  • Critical Path DRAG Critical Path DRAG (Devaux's Removed Activity Gauge) is the amount of time that an activity on the critical path (i.e., the longest path through the project) is adding to the project’s duration or,... Richard Ormerod 16-Nov-16
  • Common Scheduling Mistakes What is Scheduling? Now-a-days, in construction industry, the parameters that define the success of a project are delivering the required facility, at the required standard (quality), within the... John McIntyre 07-Sep-16
  • Rates, Norms & Durations What is needed to come up with a production rate?A duration of time, the manhours involved, and an amount of work produced?This section is here to document this.  What information do you have... Amro Ahmed 16-Jun-16
  • Drainage, Manholes and Gulleys Manholes and GulleysTask / DescriptionSlow  Ave  Fast   Units Concrete Pre-Cast Manhole Units, 610 x 455 x 51 mm-  1.2 -   hrs/no ... Osama Mustafa 28-May-16
  • Excavate & Reduce Levels Excavate By Hand Trenches (m3/hr)      Depth in Metres->Ne 1.51.5-3.03.0-4.5    Sand/Soil lose0.660.450.33Sand/Soil firm0.570.380.28Gravel0.450.310.... jake winstone 12-May-16
  • Resource Levelling Resource levelling is an algorithm used by a schedulling software to suppress overload of resource. PP Admin 20-Feb-16
  • Blockwork Blockwork Fowzullah Thaseen 26-Dec-15
  • Judith Haddad as CIO/CTO at Patriot As the CIO/CTO at Patriot, Judith Haddad has been invaluable. She has completely updated and restructured the IT department and created programs to help create more efficiency within the workplace.... John Marrow 19-Oct-15
  • CCS - Candy - Project Control Software Candy is a modern software suite focused on project control in the construction industry, a field in which Construction Computer Software (CCS) as a company have gained enormous experience in their... Izak van Niekerk 18-Sep-15
  • CCS -Candy Planning / SitePlan Candy’s planning application, also known as SitePlan, is much more than just a scheduling system for drawing programs. SitePlan is a simple yet powerful critical path networking and project control... Izak van Niekerk 18-Sep-15
  • Cleopatra Enterprise (by Cost Engineering) Cleopatra EnterpriseFor a project to be successful, the full scope has to be finished in time and within budget. Cleopatra Enterprise can be your key to a successful project. Regardless of the size... Ralf Chardon 13-Aug-15

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