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CPM scheduling

How Lean Construction Principles and Critical Path Methods Enhance One Another

Construction contractors increasingly are turning to Lean Construction principles in conjunction with critical path method scheduling in an effort to drive new efficiencies and savings into their project delivery processes. In such a combined approach, Lean Last Planner methods can add important workflow, crew size, location, and resource information to keep the CPM schedule properly updated and help drive on-time completion.

Why so many poor schedules?

Why so many poor schedules?

Schedule logic is not the issue, what makes our schedule models so poor is how we deal with resources. Without resources nothing is done.  Schedules that do not take into account all resource constraints are incomplete and most probably wrong.

We favor simplicity over substance and give the project manager very poor schedules he must manually adjust as soon as he realized the plan is no good.

Lean Construction Methods & CPM Scheduling Work Together

Lean Construction methods are becoming common practice on construction projects with the use of the Last Planner® system (LPS) as a planning and scheduling tool. The Last Planner® system emphasizes a more collaborative effort when it comes to scheduling and ideally eliminates the traditional top-down method for scheduling and planning – builder dictates schedule to subcontractors.

Utilizing CPM Schedules to Track Resources Can Cuts Costs

Aegis Project Controls’ primary purpose is to support project management teams in their efforts to minimize the duration, risk and cost associated with their projects. While critical Path Method schedules are widely recognized for their ability to manage time on a project, they are often under-utilized as a cost-reduction tool.

Benefits of the Interdependent CPM Schedule Model



CPM Scheduling Driving Through Retained Logic

"CPM Scheduling Driving Through Retained Logic" by Zoltan Palffy Jr.


CPM Resource & Cost Loading Requires Inside Knowledge

CPM Resource & Cost Loading Requires Inside Knowledge

Why Projects Fail

Why Projects Fail

Full Phase CPM Schedule Management

The central focus of construction project schedules is invariably on the build-out trajectory, or more specifically, the builder’s work and responsibilities. Despite design deliverables residing squarely within the critical path, they are seldom adequately represented in pre-construction schedules.

CPM Baseline, Recovery, Mitigation Schedules: What’s in a Name?

Stakeholders struggle mightily with the definition of the terms 

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