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ALICE Technologies

Create Radically Better Construction Schedules with ALICE Technologies

Use the power of AI to create construction schedules that reduce risk while cutting costs by 11% and build time by 17%. With ALICE, develop the ideal schedule during preconstruction -- or recover projects that are off schedule and over budget.

Meet ALICE …

ALICE is an AI-powered simulation and optimization schedule created specifically for the construction industry. If you are a scheduler or planner, you’ll find that with ALICE, you’ll have “planning superpowers” to test ideas (e.g. “what if I added a second crane?” or “what if my framing crew worked overtime on Saturdays”) and let the product generate multiple fully resource-loaded schedules that you can weigh against one another. The result is a schedule that maximizes the odds that you and your company will achieve your goals for your construction project -- such as hitting a target date or optimizing profitability -- while reducing project risk.

The ALICE platform is made up of two main products:

ALICE Preconstruction

Simulate multiple construction strategies in minutes

With ALICE, you can explore multiple options to find your best construction path. Optimize key project resources like labor, equipment, and materials. And because ALICE is parametric, any changes you make flow immediately throughout your schedule.

Plan with confidence

ALICE allows you to model all major contingencies. You can assess the constructability of your schedule and know that you’ve delivered a solid plan.

Easily export to P6

Once you’ve determined your ideal schedule, ALICE makes it easy to export that schedule to P6 -- a requirement for many projects.

ALICE Manage

Project delayed? Tune your schedule instantly and deliver on time.

ALICE makes it easy for you to track your progress against plan. And if circumstances change and you need to change course, ALICE makes it simple for you to modify your schedule and get back on track. Whereas making such schedule changes with traditional CPM tools is time-consuming and difficult, with ALICE, you can make these changes in minutes.

ALICE in Action

Interested in learning more about ALICE in the action?

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