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4 Bad (Planning) Habits to Kick this Year

4 Bad (Planning) Habits to Kick this Year
February 15, 2018 | By Dr. Dan Patterson, Guild Fellow of Planning & Scheduling, PMP  

GAO is Wrong


Activities have hundreds of fields and many might still be active if you only change a few.


GAO Schedule Assessment Guide Best Practices for Project Schedules suggests keeping deleted activities and logic while setting duration to 0. See page 140 of 240.

Diversity Risk in the Canadian Workplace

A good understanding of diversity risk must be part of planning. The world is laden with so many cultures. Mixtures of these various norms creates a new norm that must be considered seriously.

If we look in the past, multiculturalism has a long and wide history in Canada. It was then adopted by the government during the 1970s and 1980s (Kobayashi, 1993) and (Duncan & Duncan, 1993).

Planning, Scheduling, and Safety

All of us have seen the aftermath of those who defied the traffic sign “Drive slowly! Do not exceed the speed limits" or "Slow down, dangerous curve."  

As you drive on the highway, you begin to recognize that many drivers just ignore the speed limit and drive 10, 20, or sometimes 30 kilometers per hour over the limit.

Everyone knows that speed kills, and seeing someone traveling above the limit makes us question how any intelligent person can commit such a reckless act. It is one of the number one ways to cause or get into a car accident. 

Risk relativity

For a thief, a good security system is a threat. To a security guard, that same system is an opportunity to lessen the risk of robbery and to increase the chance of catching the thieves.

A person’s perspective depends on which side of the fence he is sitting on. With that in mind, a risk can be a threat or an opportunity. Your business sees a threat and your competitor sees an opportunity. It is as simple as that. 

Effective Project Planning with Mind Map - Case Study

Mind Map is a graphical and pictorial illustration of the interrelated ideas for a common goal or objective. It truly makes its mark for empowering imagination to produce new theme of ideas. Mind Mapping drives people, with a multi-dimensional approach, to generate a consolidated and concentric solution to the problem. Mind mapping is a great tool to plan, gather ideas and generate a possible outcome for a common objective. 

Scheduling 101: Don't Neglect this Essential Planning Tool

"Scheduling 101: Don't Neglect this Essential Planning Tool" by Debra Shelton


The lack of scheduling knowledge and experience can lead to a few common pitfalls.  This article explains some of the main issues.


Planning a Complex Project - An Under Appreciated Effort

"Planning a Complex Project - An Under Appreciated Effort" by

  • Glen R. Palmer, PSP, CFCC
  • Chris W. Carson, PSP, CCM, PMP 

A Good Plan

A Good Plan Does Not Guarantee a Successfully Executed Project, But a Bad Plan Virtually Always Means Project Failure

The Law of Schedules

The Law of Schedules by Mr John C Livengood and Mr Patrick M Kelly


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