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Bridge Items - Work Activity Base Production Rates in USA

Work Activity Base Production Rates
ItemUnitBase RateMetric Base Rate      
Grade Items         
Clearing & GrubbingAcres31      
Demo. Of BuildingsEach1       
Asbestos Rem.(Res./Small Commercial)Days4       
Asbestos Rem.(Large Commercial)Days10       
Demo. Of Asphalt Pave.S.Y.15001254      
Sawcut PavementL.F.800244      
Remove Curb& GutterL.F.600183      
Remove Exist. DI/Manhole & Assoc. PipeEach6       
Temporary DetourDays6       
Roadway ExcavationC.Y.20001529      
Excavation Small/Irregular Area ProjectsC.Y.850650      
Excavation - Large quantity projectsC.Y.50003823      
Drainage Corrug.Metal 18"L.F.20562      
Drainage Concrete Pipe 15"L.F.16851      
Drainage Conc. Pipe 18"L.F.14444      
Drainage Conc. Pipe (24" to 54")L.F.7222      
Drainage Conc. Pipe (60 in. & greater)L.F.4815 Base Rate Adjustment Factors  
Minor Excavation (Drainage Structures)C.Y.250191      
Box Culverts, Class A Conc.C.Y.2015FactorsAdjustment for Noted Conditions   
Box Culverts, Cast in PlaceL.F.52LocationRural = 1.0Small City = 0.85Big City = .75  
Box Culverts, PrecastL.F.206Traffic ConditionsLight = 1.0Moderate = .88High = .70  
Retaining Walls, Cast in PlaceL.F.52ComplexityLow = 1.0Medium = .85High = .70  
Major Retaining WallsS.F.21020Soil ConditionsGood = 1.0Fair = .85Poor = .65  
Sub-grade StabilizationS.Y.80006689Quantity of WorkLarge = 1.0Medium = .88Small = .75  
Aggregate BaseTons13601234      
Aggregate Base Small/Irregular ProjectsTons680617      
Drainage BlanketTons12001089Example Production Rate Calculation for Roadway Excavation:  
Asphalt BaseTons11751066Conditions:  Rock Excavation around moderate traffic.   
Asphalt IntermediateTons750680Calculation:  2000 C.Y. x .65 x .88 = 1144 C.Y. per day   
Asphalt SurfaceTons500454      
Milling/Flexible Pavement Planing (Max. 2")S.Y.30002509      
Curb & Gutter (Machine Placed)L.F.800244Example Production Rate Calculation for Bridge Footing:   
Curb & Gutter (Hand Placed)L.F.400122Conditions:  Rural Bridge Replacement, Traffic Detoured, Small Two Lane structure 
Curb& Gutter Radial (Hand Placed)L.F.15046Calculation:  20 C.Y. x 1.0 x .75 = 15 C.Y.     
Concrete EntranceS.Y.8067      
Concrete DrivewayS.Y.150125      
Entrance PavementS.Y.10084      
Barrier Walls, Slip FormL.F.630192      
Concrete RepairS.Y.3025      
Concrete PavingS.Y.25002090      
Slurry SealS.Y.80006689      
Fine GradingS.Y.20001672Assumptions/Notes:    
Lime StabilizationS.Y.60005017      
Shoulder ConstructionL.F.500152      
Slope ProtectionC.Y.10076A.) Production rates are units/day based on an 8 hr. day unless otherwise noted, 
UnderdrainL.F.1500457such as by Days or POUR.    
Underdrain Outlet/EndwallEach8       
Utility 12" Ductile IronL.F.10532B.) Production rates are based on the average of rates from five other nearby states with 
Utility 12" PVCL.F.32098assumed similar work conditions.  States referenced were Kentucky, Tennessee, 
Directional DrillingL.F.5015New Jersey, West Virginia, and Georgia.   
Traffic Items         
ItemUnitBase RateMetric Base Rate  
Initial Traffic ControlDays2 C.) RS Means Rates and VDOT records were also used as a reference when wide variation 
Ordering Signal Equip.Days30 was found between different state's rates or if little information was available for a specific     
Major Traffic SignalsDays/Intersec.40 work item.     
Pavement MarkingsL.F.10,0003048D.) Scheduler should contact Roadside Development for planting restrictions and time 
Stop Bars, etc.L.F.500152estimates.  Landscaping rates are typically controlled by the planting season. 
Order Sign MaterialDays60 E.) Production rates were verified by VDOT project records as much as possible and are 
Order Overhead Sign Struct.Days80 intended for temporary use until the final database is produced at the conclusion of 
Erecting Overhead SignsDays10 a more intensive three year study of historical data specific to VDOT.  
Erecting SignsS.F.100093      
Ordering Lighting MaterialDays60 F.) Sensitivity Factors are estimated according to their effect on normal production. 
Erecting LightingDays/support3 If the scheduler disagrees with the factors for a specific application, he or she should 
GuardrailL.F.1500457develop a unique value.  For example excavation rates will be widely variable 
Guardrail TerminalsEach2 considering the range of topography between the Bristol and Hampton Road Districts. 
Order Impact AttenuatorsDays30 If the average figure sounds off for your project, consider making additional calculations 
Install Impact AttenuatorEach3 based on the excavation equipment most likely to be used.  
Electrical ConduitL.F.400122      
Electrical WireL.F.35001067      
Precast concrete barrierL.F.800244G.) Utility 12" and drainage pipes include excavation/backfill for good soil conditions in a 4-5 ft.+/-  
Lighting, Total Installation Lumin.Each2 trench.  Additional time for excavation should be estimated by the scheduler 
Phasing AllowanceDays/Phase3 for unfavorable conditions.    
Bridge Items   H.) Several of the adjustment factors should have similar impacts on production, 
ItemUnitBase RateMetric Base Rateso generally it is recommended not to reduce the base quantity by more than 2 factors except 
MOT Setup   in special circumstances.    
Impact AttenuatorsEA2.0       
Median Barrier - InstallLF800.0244I.) Consult with your Traffic Engineering Section for production rates for specialty 
Removing Exst. GuardrailLF1500.0457items to make sure you account for the necessary review and fabrication times. 
Shoulder ImprovementsLF500.0152      
Signs, Install Small (Sheet)EA30.0       
Temporary Detour Bridge - InstallDays13.0       
Traffic Control SetupDays2.0       
Dismantle/Remove Exst. Concrete DeckSY275.0230      
Dismantle/Remove Exst. StructureSY50.042      
Minor ExcavationCY250.0191      
Sheet Piling - DriveSF500.046      
Structure ExcavationCY300.0229      
CBR30 Backfill/Compact AbutmentTON100.091      
Substructure Items         
Drilled ShaftsEA0.3       
Epoxy Injection Crack RepairLF80.024      
Reinforcing SteelTON2.52      
Retaining Walls (CIP)SF400.037      
Riprap - DumpedTON700.0635      
Riprap - GroutedTON50.045      
Riprap - Machine PlacedTON250.0227      
Slope Protection - ConcreteSY750.0627      
Steel Piles - PreboredLF250.076      
Steel Piles - DrivenLF400.0122      
Concrete Piles - 8" to 14"LF300.091      
Concrete Piles - 24" to 30"LF325.099      
Substructure Footings - Form and PlaceCY20.015      
Substructure Neatwork - Form and PlaceCY10.08      
Substructure Footing - Place SealCY15.011      
Superstructure Items         
Approach SlabsDAY5.0       
Beam Repairs - Concrete Beam EndEA0.3       
Beam Repairs (Steel) - BoltedEA0.5       
Beam Repairs (Steel) - WeldedEA1.0       
Bridge Deck - Form & Place Reinf. SteelSY50.042      
Bridge Deck - OverlaySY500.0418      
Bridge Deck - Pour NewSY850.0711      
Bridge Deck GroovingSY550.0460      
Bridge Deck - Sidewalk/Raised MedianLF80.024      
CIP Conc. Slab Span - Install FalseworkSF250.023      
CIP Conc. Slab Span - PourCY10.08      
Concrete Diaphragms - Form & PourCY11.08      
Concrete Removal - Sub/Super PatchSY15.013      
Concrete Removal - Type B PatchSY50.042      
Concrete Removal - Type C PatchSY10.08      
Concrete Surface Color CoatingSY100.084      
Expansion DamEA4.0       
Expansion Joint ReconstructionLF25.08      
Expansion Joint RemovalLF250.076      
Expansion Joint SealerLF450.0137      
Milling (Concrete - per 1/2" depth)SY1600.01338      
Parapet - Hand FormedLF50.015      
Parapet - Slip FormedLF200.061      
Metal Rail ParapetLF100.030      
Kansas Corrall ParapetLF20.06      
Pedestrian FenceLF7.02      
Prestressed Conc. Beam ErectionLF400.0122      
Struct. Steel Surface Prep. (Method 1)SF3000.0279      
Struct. Steel Surface Prep. (Method 2)SF240.022      
Struct. Steel Surface Prep. (Method 3)SF600.056      
Struct. Steel Surface Prep. (Method 4)SF200.019      
Struct. Steel Surface Prep. (Method 5)SF1100.0102      
Struct. Steel Surface Prep. (Method 6)SF6000.0557      
Struct. Steel Surface Prep. (Method 7)SF7500.0697      
Structural Steel - Painting (per coat)SF2000.0186      
Structural Steel ErectionTON10.09      
Structural Steel ErectionLF200.061      
Timber Bridge DeckSF200.019      
Finishing Items/MOT Teardown         
CIP Conc. Slab Span - Remove FalseworkSF500.046      
Median Barrier - RemoveLF800.0244      
Sheet Piling - PullSF500.046      
Temporary Detour Bridge - RemoveDays4.0       
Traffic Control TeardownDays2.0       
Concrete Curing Cure days/Pour       
Item Cure days/Pour       
Deck overlays - Assume 20 CY of material placement per day        
New Construction         
Substructure FootingsPOUR2       
Substructure NeatworkPOUR5       
Bridge Deck ConcretePOUR7       
Component Level Production Rates(Recommended for use at Field Inspection before all quantity details are known) 
ItemUnit#Days Special Notes:     
AbutmentsDays8 Add 1 day for each 400' of piles.  Add time for cofferdam/structure exc. Includes normal curing conditions.
Piers or BentsDays15 Add 1 day for each 400' of piles.  Add time for cofferdam/structure exc. Includes normal curing conditions.
Concrete Deck Span 20'-40'Days15 Includes form, rebar, pour, normal cure time.   
Concrete Deck Span 41'-60'Days21 Includes form, rebar, pour, normal cure time.   
Concrete Deck Span 61'-80'Days27 Includes form, rebar, pour, normal cure time.   
Concrete Deck Span 81'-100'Days33 Includes form, rebar, pour, normal cure time.   
Concrete Deck Span 101'-120'Days39 Includes form, rebar, pour, normal cure time.   
Concrete Deck Span 121'-140'Days45 Includes form, rebar, pour, normal cure time.   
Steel Beams (Plate Girder)Each  Add 2-3 days/span for diaphragms    
Steel Beams (Rolled Steel)Each  Add 1 day/span for diaphragms    
Concrete BeamsEach  Add 2-3 days/span for diaphragms    
New Bridge ConstructionL.F.        
1 station (100 ft.) of 12 ft. lane roadway rural or new constructionDays2 Includes clearing & grubbing, grading, pavement structure, guardrail, seeding, and light drainage work. 
1 station (100 ft.) of 12 ft. lane roadway urban or widening workDays4 Includes above plus curb & Gutter, Drainage, Utilities, and items commonly encountered in urban work.
Note:  Component Level Production Rates are recommended for estimating time at the field inspection or early planning stages before quantities are known.  



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