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Fitout & Finishes




Wood Doors and Frames    
Door Frames and Trim    
Single Exterior  ea3mh/unit
Double Exterior ea6mh/unit
Single Interior  ea3mh/unit
Double Interior  ea4mh/unit
Sliding Door Frame  ea4mh/unit
Doors, Fit, Hand, and Lock    
Single Exterior  ea5mh/unit
Double Exterior  ea8mh/unit
Single Interior  ea5mh/unit
Double Interior  ea7mh/unit
Screen Doors  ea2mh/unit
Metal Doors    
Single  ea6mh/unit
Double  ea9mh/unit
Miscellaneous Doors Complete with Trim and Hardware    
Rolling, Manual Operated  ea29mh/unit
Rolling, Motor Operated  ea36mh/unit
Sliding, Manual Operated  ea20mh/unit
Sliding, Motor Operated  ea26mh/unit
Sliding, Fire  ea19mh/unit
Garage Doors    
Wood 16' X 7'  ea8mh/unit
Aluminum 16' X 7'  ea10mh/unit
Scuttles  ea10mh/unit
Caulking  ft0.005mh/unit
1. Includes jambs, stops, casings, and weather stripping.   
2. Does not include sills or thresholds.    
3. On wood doors, if power planes, hinge butt routers, and lock mortisers are used, use 0.75 multiplier on installation time.
Window Installation    
Work Element Description Unit Man-Hours Per Unit    
Wood Windows    
Double Hung  ea4mh/unit
Casement, Single  ea4mh/unit
Fixed, Wood Sash  ea3mh/unit
Jalouse  ea2mh/unit
Skylights  ea8mh/unit
Metal Windows Casement     
Commercial Projected  ea2mh/unit
Skylights  ea2mh/unit
Double Hung  ea9mh/unit
Louvers ea5mh/unit
Screens  ea2mh/unit
Venetian Blinds  ea2mh/unit
Weatherstripping  ea3mh/unit
Caulking  ft0.003 
1. Installation includes drilling for fasteners, expansion shields, installing plugs, toggle bolts, blocking, hinges, locks, and other hardware.
2. For special panic device for doors add three hours for single, four hours for double doors.
Glass and Glazing    
Work Element Description Unit Man-Hours Per Unit    
Small Panels 2-FT. Square or Less  ft0.2mh/unit
0.19 sg.m.- m21.7 
Medium Panels 2- to 6-FT Square  ft0.2mh/unit
0.0185-to 0.557 sq.m. m21.8 
Large Panels 6- to 10-FT Square  ft0.2mh/unit
0.557- to 1.0 sq.m. m22.3 
Plate Glass Store Fronts 200- to 400- FT Square  ft21.0mh/unit
18- to 37 sq.m. m2226.1 
1. Estimates are based on putty set installation: if installed with metal stops and rubber, double the
man-hour figures; if vinyl set, snap-on triple man-hour figures; for insulated glass use 0.67 multiplier
2. When glazing from outside using scaffolding or swinging staging, one man is required on the ground
to support two glaziers; use 1.5 multiplier    
3. For winter work add use 1.25 multiplier.    
4. Do not air ship insulated glass units such as Thermopane, Twindow, etc., due to unequal

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