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Programme Narrative


Table of Contents


  • Preliminary Construction Programme
  • Programme Organization

Coding and Structure

  • Activity Organization Codes
  • Contract Obligations

Narrative Statement

  • Working Hours
  • Calendar
  • Constraints
  • Critical Path
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Filters and Layouts
  • Programme Logic
  • Cycle Time Analysis
  • Site Layout and Site Crainage
  • Designated Contractors Joint Site Inspection
  • Designated Contractors / Interfacing Contractors Site Details
  • Zone / Area Definitions
  • Programme Sequence Sketches
  • Installation Areas and Delivery Definitions
  • Degree of Completion Definitions
  • Trackwork Interfaces / Restraints
  • Power On Dates and Equipment Energisation
  • DC Traction Power On and Overhead Line Energisation
  • Test Running Period
  • Trial Running Period

 Activity Resources and Production Rates

  • Assigned Activity Resources
  • Activity Resources
  • Activity Production and Installation Rates
  • Principle Manpower and Resource Quantities

 Table of Appendices

  •  Coding and Structure
  • Completion Obligation and Milestone Breakdown
  • Activity Identification Codes
  • Typical Logic Flow diagrams
  • Resource Loading “S” curves
  • Cycle Time Analysis
  • Site Layout and Crainage
  • Zone Area Layout
  • Programme Sequence Sketches
  • Zone Area Room Schedule
  • Resource Loading Report

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