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Your Plan is wrong

It is wrong from the moment you print it on paper. This is true in all aspects of life, as life happens every minute, and there are always things that you couldn’t possibly be aware of before you finalize your plan.

Three (3) Project/Business Management Books to Keep You Grounded Improvements to project management human dynamics starts with the quality of its resources. The qualifications of the resource influence the outcome of the endeavor. Like it or not, perception must be managed because it is how others see another.


FREE WHITE PAPER From PM Solution Pro ( “Remember this! Plan to Schedule, Schedule to Plan” underlines the misconception plaguing all fields of management. It briefly explains that a clear line of sight must always exist between risk-based planning and risk-based scheduling. It proves that the two, although distinct, are mutually interdependent processes. The big word of advice to all practitioners: Don’t try to separate the two! Let us have a discussion.

How to define Resource Productivity in Primavera P6 and create schedule

When create a schedule, we can based on Resource Productivity to estimate duration.

For example:

  • We have a team which can cast 10 m3 of concrete per day (This is Productivity)
  • We have an Foundation which take 100 m3 concrete.
  • Duration of Foundation activity will be  100 / 10 = 10 days

Now we will do it in Primavera.

Supposed that we have a schedule like below picture:

Activities Spanning More Days than it should in a Primavera P6 Schedule

"Activities Spanning More Days than it should in a Primavera P6 Schedule" by: Zoltan Palffy Jr. 


Problem: After having created and updated a CPM schedule using Primavera P6 you notice that some 1 day activities are spanning 2 days. How could this be possible?

Creating a Baseline Schedule Narrative for a CPM Schedule

"Creating a Baseline Schedule Narrative for a CPM Schedule" by Zoltan Palffy Jr.


Typical Schedule Logic for Manufacturing Building


1) Purpose:  This provides the user with the basic logic to quickly develop an early schedule for a manufacturing facility.

Schedule Collaboration on Mars Science Laboratory with Multi-Users and Tools

"Schedule Collaboration on Mars Science Laboratory with Multi-Users and Tools"

by Julie K. Owen, CCC PSP and Thomas Barnhart


What is Schedule Quality?


As a scheduler within various industries, I have been asked “What is Schedule Quality?” In fact, if you pose this question to various project personnel, you may receive more than one answer per individual! Why? Some view “schedule quality” as a simple series of measures and techniques. I believe that the pursuit of schedule quality is a multi-front battle.

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