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Three (3) Project/Business Management Books to Keep You Grounded Improvements to project management human dynamics starts with the quality of its resources. The qualifications of the resource influence the outcome of the endeavor. Like it or not, perception must be managed because it is how others see another. One has to be on top of the crops to stand the test. Project practitioners, managers, planners and schedulers should make the best effort to impress upon everyone their mastery of the processes, the methodologies, and the tools. Plan to schedule, Schedule to Plan attempts to remedy the brain drain plaguing all fields of management. It provides clear line of sight between risk-based planning and risk-based scheduling and the relationships that exist between the two. It proves that the two, though distinct, are mutually interdependent processes. There is an excellent opportunity to draw the attention of the readers to the philosophy that all planning and scheduling process are risk-based. This book is for everyone who wants to improve their knowledge and skills in risk-based project time management. The author uses a non-rigid, non-academic approach in the discussion of topics from the concepts and philosophies of planning and scheduling, its development through the Gates, and the various related other processes involved. Risk-based Management in the World of Threats and Opportunities provides new and additional knowledge to project management practitioners, risk management specialists, and for undergraduate student taking up courses in Risk Management. The purpose of life is managing risk. It is in front of all of us and in the very fabric of our daily life. Risk management is the only thing we do for a living. This is the reason why we go to work every day. If we still do not realize this intriguing conclusion then I guess, we are all familiar with risks like close friends but we still do not know them well enough. Grab a copy, read and I will show you how to better appreciate the word risk, threat, opportunity, and the concept of risk-based management in the simplest terms. With cost and time burdens greater than ever before in a project set up, projects have to be creative and find workable ways to increase the probability of successfully completing target dates and durations. Even schedules put together based on years know-how, years of experience, and best practice cannot always accurately predict the future. Creating a Good Quality P50 Risk-based Baseline Schedule is a relatively new approach to developing project schedule execution baseline. Adopting the approach needs added understanding of the rationale surrounding its use. The rationale traces the influence of quality, identified risks, and estimate uncertainties on the schedule. An adjustment in insight is needed for the reader to appreciate how varying activity certainties adversely affects the time objectives. The book touches on schedule alignment, integration, risk, achievability and the consequence of ignoring them. The step-by-step instructions on how to develop a P50 Risk-based Baseline Schedule is detailed in this book. The concept is clear, so why not try it in your next project and let us know what happened. The book is for risk and project management practitioners who want to try something new and reasonable. Author: Rufran C. Frago, P. Eng., PMP, CCP, PMI-RMP

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