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Your Plan is wrong

It is wrong from the moment you print it on paper. This is true in all aspects of life, as life happens every minute, and there are always things that you couldn’t possibly be aware of before you finalize your plan.

Still, the first step of any project is to create a Plan. You’ll be asked to create a baseline and freeze it. Then, start execution and keep your Plan updated, measure the deviation, and do your best to stay on track. You might end up re-baselining and repeating the planning process many times.

So why bother in the first place to create it?

A Plan is not a prediction about what is going to happen; that is an impossible act, a job for hedge fund managers and TV pundits.

A Plan is a shared view of the best that could happen when everybody in the team does their best. A Plan means agreeing on the definition of success for the team.

A plan is a wish.


There are three Phases of

There are three Phases of Scheduling

Plan, Monitor and Control

Plan - you need a road map to get from point A to Point B as in the photo above across the water how are you going to build this ? what is your approach ? make sure to get buyin form all stake holders

Monitor - assess along the way where you are along that road map. As in the photo shooting some control points and measuring your progress along the way. Here you determine that the 2 points will NOT meet in the middle and are out of alignment.

Control - This is your recover schedule or you revised plan to where you start to re-align your roadway before its too late. You recognise the problem and come up with a solution.

now do this all over again

I have this on my mind when

I have this on my mind when the client ask for realistic plan.. 

I totally agree on the definition that "A Plan is a shared view of the best that could happen when everybody in the team does their best."


Thank you

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