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Typical Schedule Logic for Manufacturing Building


1) Purpose:  This provides the user with the basic logic to quickly develop an early schedule for a manufacturing facility.

2) Design / Methodology / Approach: Designed to provide a consistent format and logic basis for our alliance partners and project teams to use during the early pre-funding (FEL) phase of a project. Once the activities and logic is entered into the scheduling software, the team can then determine durations for each activity to develop the overall schedule.

3) Findings and Value: This has been used effectively for several years, and we recently dated it to reflect current practices.  We have also developed similar logic diagrams for various manufacturing cGMP systems.

4)  Research Limitations / Implications: None

5) Practical Use / Implications: This has proven to be a useful tool, ad allows for standardization and replications

6) Originality / Value: This was initially developed for internal use, and has been modified to be generic for all to use.

7) Conclusions: This tool provides the user with a schedule logic template to assist in the development of a basic manufacturing  building schedule. 

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