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Baseline Schedule

Creating a Baseline Schedule Narrative for a CPM Schedule

"Creating a Baseline Schedule Narrative for a CPM Schedule" by Zoltan Palffy Jr.


Baseline Approach To Regulated Programmes

Title: "Baseline Approach To Regulated Programmes" by Paul Taylor


Regulated businesses are structured in a specific manner to report to a Government body, in many cases reporting requirements are on an annual basis, which does not fit well with a Project Lifecycle.  When developing an overarching baseline strategy these types of programmes have specific needs which must be accommodated in the process design.

Baseline Guide For Planners

Baseline Guide For Planners by John Banks

A generic guide to baselining a Project from award. This guide is Oil & Gas service company specific in terms of examples (particularly the appendices), but will be of general help either for less experienced planners (what basic information is required) or more experienced planners (looking to create a company specific standard process for baselining)

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