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Please contact if you wish to  become a Corporate Member of the Guild of Project Controls in order to get access to some or all of the following optional Member or Mentor tools.


Guild Member Tools:

  • Career Path Matrix - a career path to allow us to understand where we are now and our options for enhancing our capabilities and our careers - view the matrix
  • Role Descriptors - a simple tool to help you understand what is expected of you in each / all of the roles described in the Career Path Matrix - view the tool
  • Compendium & Reference - an online, continually updated and improved body of knowledge that has been shaped and developed by us, the practitioners, that explains the tools and techniques we can / should know and understand in regard to the roles shown in the Career Path Matrix and the expectations set by the Role Descriptors - view the compendium
  • Online Study Guide - an online reference to help you work through the requisite tools & techniques associated with the role you are undertaking or role you would like to get promoted into.
  • Online Self Assessment - a simple tool to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses in regard to the Role Descriptors - view the tool
  • Capability Validation and SWOT Analysis - any / all practitioners can have their Self Assessment reviewed by senior Subject Matter Experts and be given a Strengths and Weakness and Opportunity Report
  • Online Invigilated Examinations - all of our exams are online and can be done at work or at home and are invigilated by a human proctor who ensures we are taking the exams ourselves and not being helped by others
  • Post-Examination Competency Assessment Interviews - to supplement our Online Invigilated Exams we each participate in a video conference with a Subject Matter Expert who provides us with a view of our Strengths and Weaknesses and proposes or rejects our request to be Competency Certified
  • 360 Degree Capability References - a simple 5 minute template for our peers, superiors, clients and subordinates to annotate that help describe our working practices and abilities - view reference template
  • Guild Library - a place where Members place their information and professional "papers" for the use, enjoyment and benefit of other Guild practitioners - view the Guild Library
  • Find a Senior Mentor - the ability to connect with senior practitioners who are willing to help and coach your career progression; you put the effort in and they will support and encourage you as you grow
  • Competency Certifications - a fully comprehensive suite of certifications, based on the Career Path Matrix, Role Descriptors and Compendium that cater to practitioners from junior to senior levels in all industry sectors but above all that demonstrate that you can do the job; we all know that being able to do the job is very different to being able to pass and exam - view the competency certifications
  • Independent Certification Body - the approval to be Certified is made by a group of senior practitioners who collectively decide if we should be Competency Certified based on our Experience Profile, Online Invigilated Examinations, Post-Examination Interview, 360 Degree Capability References and Library Articles - view the Certification Board
  • Independent Benchmarking - to supplement this we run internal competency validation and bench-marking as well as being able to compare and contrast you, as a corporation, a team or an individual practitioner against other global companies, teams and individuals in similar sectors.
  • Training Anywhere in the World - we are working with (a growing) group of training providers who are offering training in regard to the expectations set by the Role Descriptors to assist companies and practitioners who want or need help in expanding on their current knowledge and capabilities

We (the senior practitioners who support and shape the Guild) believe that the Guild has the full package and as we are a true independent (and competency based) Project Controls organisation, not run by "interest groups" or not part of an entity that specialises in something other than project controls we think that collectively we really are the way forward for practitioners.

All Members are required / expected to adhere to the Guild Code of Ethics.

We are not about passing exams, as what does that prove! - we are about demonstratring our relative competencies; can I do the job and have I demonstrated to independent senior practitioners that I can do the job. With us the answer is YES.


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    your Experience & Capabilities by adding Experience Records to your Profile
  • Demonstrate your capabilities by taking a Knowledge & Capability Exam and Competency Assessment by Guild Fellow and / or improve yourself via relevant self-improvement Training.
  • GET CERTIFICATIONS - Member Certifications

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  • You have your say in the running and operation of the Guild - we are run by the community, for the community
  • You have first notification GPC Compendium and Reference updates, access to GPC Library content and access to GPC Production Rates
  • You can prove your worth 
  • You can represent the Guild at work
  • You can become Certified should you so wish   
  • You can raise your global profile should you so wish
  • You can stand out and demonstrate your personal commitment to excellence
  • You have your own secure Guild page to use as reference to show capablity and career goals   
  • You have mentoring available from Guild Fellows   
  • You can be forever known as a Founder Member and enjoy a frozen subscription rate for life and can have GPC on your Email communications and a Certified badge when Certified
  • You have access to Guild newsletters created by the community or from yourself