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Decades ago I used Primavera

Decades ago I used Primavera P3.  As it was old software, resource modeling was limited and outdated.

Then it came P3e and then P6 and gave it a try. I fund it was based in old software leveling capabilities.  No wonder many P6 users acknowledge P6 resource leveling is useless.

I started looking for alternatives in my quest for something better. I ended using Spider Project that included much needed resource modeling capabilities.  Please take a look at the following presentation for a preview of capabilities missing in P6.

Does anyone here running an

Does anyone here running an actual construction schedule use resource leveling in P6?  Every scheduler I've worked with has said it's useless.  Yet these articles keep floating around, telling exectutives that "all you have to do is load the resources and click a button in P6." So easy!  I'd love to be able to use an objective algorithm to calculate dates.  

Phantom float in commercial

Phantom float in commercial scheduling software


·  RCS neglects the resource relations that arise between activities when competing for the same but unavailable resources.

·  In schedules with phantom float, falsely labeled non-critical activities are likely resource critical.

·  Primavera P6 and MS Project v2016 still create phantom float in resource-constrained schedules.

·  P6 and MS Project calculate total float based on a “Time Context” (LFEF) ignoring the presence of resource constraints.

·  The total float reported by P6 and MS Project after RCS cannot be trusted or used to anticipate/mitigate delaying events.

This paper is totally

This paper is totally pointless Does none scrutinise these before wasting our time

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