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risk register

Risk Register with Dashboard for Risk Communication

Risk communication is required and crucial to keeping Stakeholders in the loop regarding project health and progress. It is arduous to please higher management and other Key Stakeholders by communicating nebulous (vague) project Risk status.

Acumen Risk

Cost and Schedule Risk Analysis tools don’t have to be complicated in order for them to provide true and accurate risk forecasts. Acumen offers Acumen Risk, a full-featured, easy-to-use cost and schedule risk analysis tool.

Optimistic and Pessimistic Durations


Dear Mr Risk,

I have populated my schedule with optimistic and pessimistic durations that sit around the durations assigned in our proposed baseline. We have run our analysis package and produced a very nice ‘normal curve’ with various percentages showing at the 5% and 95 percentile and various completion dates.

Should we be doing something with the costs assigned to the schedule as it seems sensible that cost, or budget, would be proportional to the various resultant schedules; the short ones, the on-time one and the very delayed ones?

Risk Registers or Schedule Analysis


Dear Mr Risk,

Market Place

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