The P6 XER File Viewer You Didn’t Know You Needed

When it first launched, PrimaveraReader XER viewer was an intriguing alternative to importing .xer files in your database to view the contents. But the tool was a bit too new to do a deep dive. Now, having a few releases under its belt (currently version 3.5), I’m convinced PrimaveraReader is a tool that will become essential to any company using Primavera P6 or working with other companies that do.

Here’s why. 

Activities Spanning More Days than it should in a Primavera P6 Schedule

"Activities Spanning More Days than it should in a Primavera P6 Schedule" by: Zoltan Palffy Jr. 


Problem: After having created and updated a CPM schedule using Primavera P6 you notice that some 1 day activities are spanning 2 days. How could this be possible?

Possible Causes of Primavera Account & Data Corruption

Author: "Possible Causes of Primavera Account & Data Corruption"


Possible causes od Account and Data Corruption - this article explains how potential damage can be caused to user accounts and schedule data in P6

Moving from Primavera P3 to P6 EPPM

Author: "Moving from Primavera P3 to P6 EPPM"


Moving from P3 to EPPM, this article defines the methodology around moving from the old Primavera P3 into the EPPM or P6 Professional environment.

Quality Control Filters in Primavera P6

"Quality Control Filters in Primavera P6 - The construction of filters in Primavera to help maintain good schedule metrics  By Tom Reichner


  • The 10 Most Used Quality Control Filters 
  • The 9 Optional Quality Control Filters

Example Instructions for Primavera Planners

"Example Instructions for Primavera Planners" By John Verth


Primavera Bars Tricks and Traps

"Primavera Bars Tricks and Traps" by Paul E Harris


To demonstrate the P6 Version 7 bars functions, and ƒto suggest some solutions for bar formatting issues.

How to Colour P6 Bars Based on Activity Codes

"How to Colour P6 Bars Based on Activity Codes" by Paul E Harris


Many people would like to color P6 Gantt chart bars based on an Activity Code. This is not a built in feature of the P6 Activity Window like other scheduling products such as Asta Powerproject. This may be achieved in P6 in two ways:

Quick Update - a process that explains how to update Primavera schedules in quick time

"Quick Update" is a process that explains how to update Primavera schedules in quick time.

This presentation will illustrate how to update a schedule in 8 short stages.

  1. Create a Baseline
  2. Switch ON auto schedule
  3. Ensure that Baseline Bar is switched ON
  4. Apply Actuals
  5. Move Data Date Forward
  6. Review IN PROGRESS activities - Update Remaining Duration/Finish Dates
  7.  Review progress of activities on Data Date - Update Start Dates
  8. Switch OFF auto schedule

Author:- David R.V.Forrest

Use of Constraints in P6–A Guidance Note

The purpose of this document is to provide general guidance to be followed when using constraints in P6 schedules, or approving P6 schedules on behalf of clients. The guidance covers the effect of each constraint type on the schedule, plus advice for appropriate use. It is written based on P6 constraints and terminology, but similar principals will apply across other software packages.

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