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Total Float

Total float is how many delays are allowed from the beginning of the project which will not interfere with the projected completion date. Anything can happen during the course of working on an extended task. Projects can be affected by adverse weather conditions which might create delays of hours or even days. Even indoor projects and virtual tasks can be met with unforeseen circumstances whichcause Delay or Slippage on the Project.

The period by which an activity can be delayed, brought forward or extended without affecting the project end date. Total Float comprises Free Float and Interrupting Float. Refer also to Float.

In order to determine the total float, project management use the critical path method, and they can also figure the earliest possible and latest completion dates for the task. Ideally, a project should never go beyond the late finish date, and by knowing how many days are built into the schedule for delays, those in management can keep the project running right on schedule.

Synonym used by Microsoft Project : Total Slack

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