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Timber frame superstructure

Timber framing rates for hospital of 3173m2 GIFA

Assuming that the labour is a 4 man squad working an 8 hour day as this would be normal practice

  • Wall panels up to 3m in hieght including both external and internal panels ; 30 panels per day (average panel 3.5m long)
  • Wall panels over 3m in height including both internal and external panels ; 20 panels per day (average panel 2.5m long)
  • Loose floor joists position and fix 175m sq per day
  • Loose floor joists position, fix & position and fix floor decking 125m sq per day
  • Floor/roof cassette assumed simple 12 X 2.4m 300m sq per day
  • Floor/roof cassette complex shape 150 – 200 m sq per day
  • Trussed roof erect, brace,sark and felt 100m sq per day (up to 8m span measured at horizantial)
  • Trussed roof erect, brace,sark and felt 80m sq per day (up to 12m span measured at horizantial)
  • Hip or valley up to 12m long 1 man a day
  • Medium dormer window (2.4m wide) 1 man a day

I hope this helps , but please bare in mind that the more complex projects will take longer.

Timber Frames...

Task / DescriptionSlow  Ave  Fast   Units
 Roof Trusses-  1.3 -   no/hr
 Wall Plates-  2.7 -   m/hr
 Roof Rafters-  1.2 -   m/hr
 Ceiling Joists-  32.1 -   m/hr
 Roof Carcass, Common Rafters, under 3m18.2 20.0 21.7  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Common Rafters, 3-6mm13.3 16.6 18.2  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Common Rafters, over 6m14.1 15.6 16.1  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Jack Rafters, under 3m18.8 20.1 21.7  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Jack Rafters, 3-6mm10.4 16.1 16.6  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Purlins, under 3m5.1 5.4 5.8  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Purlins, 3-6mm4.3 4.8 5.1  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Purlins, over 6m3.5 4.3 4.6  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Binders, under 3m5.7 6.6 7.6  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Binders, 3-6mm2.1 2.3 2.5  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Binders, over 6m1.3 1.5 1.6  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Hangers, under 3m8.2 9.0 9.6  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Collars under 3m7.6 8.0 9.1  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Collars 3-m6.5 7.4 8.3  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Ridge Boards under 3m12.0 13.1 15.3  no/hr
 Roof Carcass, Cut Rafter Feet to line142.0 166.0 175.0  no/hr
 Roof Soffits, Softwood, nailed-  9.2 -   m/hr
 Roof Soffits, Softwood, screwed-  3.9 -   m/hr
 Roof Soffits Asbestos, under 300mm nailed-  9.1 -   m/hr
 Roof Soffits Asbestos, under 300mm screwed-  3.8 -   m/hr
 Roof Soffits, Asbestos, over 300mm nailed-  3.5 -   m/hr
 Roof Soffits, Asbestos, over 300mm screwed-  1.3 -   m/hr
 Roof Facia Panels, Softwood5.1 7.2 9.3  m/hr
 Roof Facia Panels, Asbestos1.3 2.5 3.9  m/hr
 Roof Facia Panel Studding, nailed7.3 8.1 9.0  m/hr
 Roof Facia Panel Studding, screwed4.6 5.2 5.8  m/hr
 Roof Facia Panel Studding, bolted to beams5.4 5.9 6.6  m/hr
 Roof Works, Fix Herringbone Strutting-  5.1 -   m/hr
 Roof Works, Fix Firing Strips-  25.0 -   m/hr
 Roof Works, Fix Drip/Tilt Filleting-  20.5 -   m/hr

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