Member Profile Issues


Your profile will show as being 100% complete on YOUR PROFILE STATUS block, which is visible after you Login and go to My Account...

This YOUR PROFILE STATUS block is shown in the graphic here and is made up of the following 5 points:


  1. "FIRST / LAST NAME" - Have you edited your Profile and specified a real Firstname and Lastname?
  2. "SKILL SUMMARY" - Have you edited your Profile and specified a suitable Skill Summary that explains what you can do?
  3. "PROFESSIONAL SINCE" - Have you edited your Profile and specified a date (month and year) to indicate when you started working?
  4. "CURRENT JOB EXPERIENCE" - Have you created an Experience record to reflect your current job or role?, i.e. have you created an experience record which has a start date and no end date.
  5. "COMPLETE JOB EXPERIENCES" - The web-system will check that the total years of experience, indicated by the sum total of your experience records, is equal to the years you have been working.  The years you have been working will be calculated by the web-system as the years which have passed since the Professional Since date value described above.



This is made up of the following two elements: (A) PROFILE and (B) EXPERIENCE.


How to check your PROFILE:  (again, here is our Founder's example).  Does your profile have:

  1. A real Firstname and Lastname
  2. A suitable Skill Summary that explains what you can do
  3. An Industry and a Region specified.  This is set by the system to the Industry and Region of your most recent Experience record.
  4. A suitable Professional Since date that indicates the approximate start your professional experience.  This Professional Since field needs to be set by you to the approximate date (month and year) when you started working.  i.e. this is simply a field to show when you started working.
  5. A Years Experience value that matches the total of your experiences.  This field is set by the system as the sum of all of your Experience records.  For example, if the date you have specified as your your Professional Since shows that you have 10 years of experience (i.e. your Professional Since date is 10 years ago), do your experience records add up to a total of 10 years?  This is represented by "Complete Job Experiences" in the above YOUR PROFILE STATUS block.


How to check your EXPERIENCE: (again, here is our Founder's example).  Do your experience records have:

  1. A Current Job Experience, i.e. that one of your experience records has an Experience Start date and NO Experience End date thus indicating that this is your current job
  2. A professional and informative Job Description to describe your role, responsibilties and achievements
  3. An Experience Start Date and for older roles, an Experience End Date
  4. A Map to show this experience's location and a corresponding Region value
  5. An accurate Company, Industry, Job Role and Project descriptor

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