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CCS -Candy Planning / SitePlan

Candy’s planning application, also known as SitePlan, is much more than just a scheduling system for drawing programs. SitePlan is a simple yet powerful critical path networking and project control system designed for construction projects. It can be used effectively by a non-planner, but has all the features, functionality and sophistication required by the professional.

SitePlan can be used to draw a Gantt chart or to maintain a detailed precedence network, or a mix of these two methods. The network may be entered in a precedence fashion (theoretical) or as a linked Bar chart (logical schematic) that automatically creates the precedence network.

Candy is a modern software suite focused on project control in the construction industry, a field in which Construction Computer Software (CCS) as a company have gained enormous experience in their more than 35 years of existence.

 Candy have specifically targeted the contractor’s software requirements, from taking-off, pricing and planning a project, controlling at site level, through to the final certificate. CCS has a wide international client base which exposes us to a variety of local requirements and new techniques. These are continually included into the software.

Candy is an integrated single-package construction application designed with, and by industry professionals. The closely linked modules produce an accurate model and timeous forecasts of the project’s anticipated construction process.

Candy’s modules include:

  •     Estimating
  •     Planning
  •     Valuations
  •     Forecasting (based on the link between the BOQ items and program activities)
  •     Real Cost vs. Allowable budget with Earned Value analysis
  •     Project Cash Flow
  •     Subcontract Management
  •     Electronic 2D and 3D quantity take-off – linked to the bill of quantities

A unique Candy facility, and one of its most powerful features, is the dynamic link between money and time – the interactive link between the bill of quantities or estimate, and the program or schedule of work.  This interactive link, between these two most prominent factors of a construction project, provides a wealth of information at the finger-tips of both management and client.

The Planning module is a simple, no-frills, yet powerful critical path networking system designed specifically for the construction industry. It can be used effectively by a novice planner, but has the features and functionality required by experienced and professional planners.

The ability to link the activities with related bill items allows for accurate budget and resource forecast. Combined with the Cash flow module, it assists with analysis and decision making related to project management and project cost control.

Items from the Bill of Quantities can be allocated to the program activities. This allows resource or financial information from the estimate and monthly valuations to be reflected against the time frame calculated. The resources used in the Bill of Quantities can be plotted as histograms.

The active link between the program and BOQ allow any changes to either the program or the estimate to be immediately reflected in the forecast or histogram.


Auxiliary Long Lead and Information Schedules are provided for tracking and recording off-site operations such as client decisions, design work and lengthy delivery items.

These separate schedules do not clutter the execution program with additional activities but because they are dynamically linked to the program the knock-on effect of any potential and/or actual information delays can immediately be revealed.


The Time/Location chart is a method of summarising and graphically representing a program against axes of time and location. This facility is suitable for linear activities typically found in programs of hi-rise buildings, roads and railway lines.

The dynamic link between the chart and the program allows for changes made in either one; to be immediately reflected in the other. No tedious exporting and importing of information between the two applications are required.

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You can download a free 30 day evaluation version of the software as well as a quick start manual and demonstration job that would assist in finding your way around the software.

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