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Spoil By Conveyor

Removal / Transportation Of Spoil By Conveyor: The size and location of the conveyor are critical to production and should be sized according to the most critical peaks in excavation.

  • There are the following parameters to select...
Max excavation per hour 185 m3/hr
Assume belt size 600 mm
Assume conveyor trough angle 20 degrees
  • From the above you read off specific parameters from the suppliers table...
Recommended belt speed 150 m/min
Angle of repose for dry sand 35 degrees
Angle of surcharge 20 degrees
  • You must then read off, from the manufacturers tables the conveyor capacity...
Cross-sectional area of load 0.02979 m2
At a speed of 150 m/min gives 268 m3/hr
  • Assume a bulking factor for excavated sane = 15%, and assume 50 minutes work per hour to allow for blockages and maintenance etc...
  • 268 x 85% x 50/60 = 190 so therefore capacity of conveyor = 190 m3 per hour = OK.

Hong Kong Airport Express Station conveyor was capable of 11,500 m3/week.


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