Ground Excavation

Ground Excavation Rates (m3/hr):

Ground TypeBucketBulk WorksBasementsTrenchesSmall & Deep

Small or Deep Excavations

Task / DescriptionSlow  Ave  Fast   Units
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.3m3 bucket, Sand/Soil6.7 8.4 9.9  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.3m3 bucket, Gravel Beds3.2 4.5 5.0  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.3m3 bucket, Clay/Chalk3.3 4.1 5.2  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.3m3 bucket, Hard Ground3.3 4.1 5.2  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.4m3 bucket, Sand/Soil8.2 10.0 11.7  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.4m3 bucket, Gravel Beds7.1 8.7 10.2  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.4m3 bucket, Clay/Chalk6.5 8.3 9.4  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.4m3 bucket, Hard Ground6.3 7.7 9.1  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.5m3 bucket, Sand/Soil12.2 13.3 15.4  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.5m3 bucket, Gravel Beds10.2 11.1 12.9  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.5m3 bucket, Clay/Chalk9.7 10.5 12.1  m3/hr
 Hydraulic Excavator, 0.5m3 bucket, Hard Ground6.1 6.7 7.7  m3/hr

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