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Milestone Management

Milestone Management

In order to organise your time and work for the project you have, set up milestones and define a deliverable for each major milestone. They enable the progress of the project to be easier measured and controled.

A milestone is a sort of deadline inside of the project for a certain task. And as many important tasks or "steps to do" you have, as many milestones you should set. Checking one means that the task is done and you can move on to the next one. Like this you care sure that you don't skip anything and that your total time is very well devided into pieces which are enough to finish the project in the right time.

Milestones keep projects on track and also provide conditional approvals that enable the management authority to approve the project to proceed with minor revisions noted. When you set milestones you can face the changes that appear when you least expect it because you take sthem step by step, milestone by milestone.

Milestones are also good when you have to devide the work for the team members. Like this you will know without having doubts who failed to do his job properly or who did it faster and very well. Milestones create the impresion that each one is on his own, with his small project to do, which represents only a part from the big project that you have to do. And like this they do their best to finish their task.

It's not hard at all to set up milestones. You simply devide the project into parts that must be done in order and you set up a deadline for each one of them. After doing this, comes the hardest part: the work for the project.

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