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Risk Response Control

By holding cyclic risk review meetings, each item can be discussed and action plans and mitigation processes identified, initiated and implemented. As the project moves through its lifecycle, risks will evolve, become more apparent and have increasing, or decreasing degrees of impact and likelihood. Risk response control is the process by which risks are kept in the forefront of management discussions and thus, reviewed on a cyclic basis. Items that the risk register will hold in order to monitor and drive this process will include:
  • Outstanding action;
  • Action owner;
  • Action issue date;
  • Action status;
  • Action response; and
  • Action close-out date.
The Risk Control Group will monitor the progress of the implementation of the agreed risk control measures. This will ensure that all risk control measures are incorporated efficiently and that any variations in the measure or any changes to the risk profile are identified and appropriate action is taken. The Risk Register will be a dynamic, growing document and will be updated, amended and revised on a regular basis.

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