Roof Structure

Structural Steel Structures


For medium sized applications with a single crane and fixing gang.


A typical rate                  3.4 - 4.6 tonnes/day.


Structural steel for glazed wall, made of 18 no "bow string" strusses 25 m tall, cross braced and wired together, consisting of 69 tonnes of steelwork.  Erection in 6 weeks.


Erection Rate                   1.65 tonnes/day


Strucural steelwork for curved building roof, 18 number curved complex trussess and cross pearlins etc.  Consisting of 500 tonnes of steel.  Initially programmed for 14 weeks site installation period.


All Rates in Weeks...


GA drawings

0 -  6

Shop Drawings

 4 - 13

Buildings Dept Approval

14 - 17

Shop Fabrication

18 - 30

Corrosion Protection

22 - 32

Site Pre-Assembly

32 - 34

Erection Time

35 - 38 (24 hr working)


Erection Rate                 8.95 tonnes/day


Structural steelwork for glazed wall and atria over, 4 number bow string trussess in wall and in roof.  Consisting of 7.5 tonnes of steelwork.  Erection in 6.5 weeks.


Erection Rate                   0.23 tones/day


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