Lift Installation

Lift Installation

Sequence of Work

A standard installation sequence for a "conventional hydraulic lift with 2 - 3  storeys and doors etc.

  • Handover of lift shaft structure and associated lift machine room.
  • Deliver all materials to site, 2 weeks.
  • Hoisting of machine roof equipment, setting out and plumbing, pit channel, car brackets and guide rails, 10 days.
  • Hoist in hydraulic arm, piping, lift shaft trunking and conduits etc and wiring of lift shaft, 9 days.
  • Positioning of motor control room equipment, machine room trunking and conduits and machine room wiring etc, 13 days.
  • Install sill angles and architraves etc, landing grouting done by others and landing doors, 9 days.
  • Partially dismantle lift shaft scaffolding and install pit equipment, 5 days.
  • Install car frame and platform, car wall panels and ceiling, car door operators and wiring of lift car, 14 days.
  • Architectural finishing stop work period, to install external glazing (if any) complete landing finishes and lift shaft final BS lighting, detectors etc, 12 days.
  • Lift machine room Power‑On required.
  • Initial tuning and adjustments, 7 days.
  • Final tuning and adjustments, 7 days.
  • Submission of Form 5 to EMSD.
  • Interface testing with other contractors, carried out at later state (coordinated with others), duration of 6 days.
  • Final test and commissioning with client and handover, 2 days.


  • Lifts are long lead items - from 12 weeks for a standard lift and considerably longer (1 to 1.5 years) for specially designed installations     

Installation Periods

Therefore, the overall duration of the installation, including delivery, architectural finishes, by others, and Form 5 submission etc...

Rule Of Thumb

 Upto 8 storeys = 12 - 16 weeks

 Upto 15 storeys = 16 - 24 weeks

More Accurately

 2 to 3 storey installation = 3 wks/level

4 storeys and above = 2 wks/level

Test & Commissioning

 Rule of thumb, allow 2 weeks plus 1 day per lift per storey.

Lift Installation

Task / DescriptionSlow  Ave  Fast   Units
 Hydraulic Lift, Install 2 to 3 storeys-  3.0 -   wks/floor
 Hydraulic Lift, Install 4 storeys and above-  2.0 -   wks/floor
 Hydraulic Lift, Testing allow 2 wks plus-  1.0 -   day/floor
 Standard Lift, Manufacture, test and deliver-  12.0 -   wks
 Non-Standard Lift, Manufacture, test and deliver75.0 65.0 52.0  wks


Lift Installation Primaver P6 XER

Lift Installation Time Schedule In Primavera P6 (XER)

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