Escalator Installation

Modular Design Escalators Packages

The escalator trusses are usually delivered in 1.6 m cubes, which include the internal workings etc. Normally 3 to 4 sections go to make up a standard escalator (an 11 m rise), however sizes and lengths vary greatly.

Delivery Implications

The largest single element is the nose piece which is approximately 1.8 m wide, 3 m long and 2.5 m high. This section weight 1,500 kg. The other truss sections weight only 1,000 kg at most. The maximum weight of an entire escalator (10 m rise) is estimated at 15,000 kg. It is usual to being the escalators in from the top landing and lower the whole truss down into its final position. Power supply being 415 volt 3 phase hard wired, T&C may be done with temporary supplies.

Typical Project Strategy

Sequence /timing of works:

  • 16 wks = Develop concept design / submit for approval.
  • 12 wks = Prepare preliminary design / submit for approval.
  • 60 wks = Manufacture, test & site delivery, in conjunction with completion of final design.
  • 4 wks = Initial delivery placing and connection of truss sections.
  • 12-16 wks = Install escalators and commission.
  • 12 wks = Test running of escalators.
  • 12 wks = Trial running of escalators / System Operational.

Typical Escalator Installation Sequence Timing of single escalator:

  • 1 wks = Assemble sections and truss position, align, level.
  • 6 wks = Escalator contractor "stop work" period, to allow ABWF contractor to complete surrounding finishes.
  • 5 wks = Final escalator installation, "Phase B" decking installation and glazing etc.
  • 0 wks = Escalator Power-On required.
  • 2 wks = Test performance "Phase C" prior to escalator Test Running.
  • 2 wks = Full load test "Phase D" of escalator.
  • 1 wks = Final test "Phase E"
  • 1 wks = EMSD Inspection of installation.
  • 1 wks = "Phase F" inspection.

Total installation time being 12 - 14 weeks, excluding the "Stop Work" period during which the civil finishing works are completed.

Task / DescriptionSlow  Ave  Fast   Units
 Truss type, Overall Installation (excl arch finishes)14.0 12.0 11.0  wks
 Truss type, Manufacture, test and deliver-  60.0 48.0  wks
 Truss type, Phase A assemble truss , position/level-  1.0 -   wks
 Truss type, Stop-Work for surrounding finishes8.0 6.0 4.0  wks
 Truss type, Phase B decking and glazing etc-  5.0 -   wks
 Truss type, Phase C performance testing-  2.0 -   wks
 Truss type, Phase D full load testing-  2.0 -   wks
 Truss type, Phase E final test and inspection-  2.0 -   wks

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