Research Contracts Coordinator, Australian National Low Emissions Coal Research & Development (ANLEC R&D), All Projects within company portfolio

START Date: 
November, 2010
END Date: 
July, 2012

1. Contracts Management - Entire Research Portfolio

2. Assisting in the management of overarching funding agreements

3. End-to-End Management of the Alternatives & Fundamentals Research Program

4. Develop all submitted proposals from proposal stage through to executed contracts

5. Project Management - Entire Research Portfolio

6. Develop and maintain contract and project management systems

7. Develop and execute best practice processes for grants administration and funding program management

8. Develop and participate in a technical project in line with the organisational research focus

9. Develop and assist (where necessary) in the preparation of reporting documents for various stakeholders

10. Develop and maintain professional relationships with team members, external consultants, stakeholders and proponents