Civil Engineering Tender Planner, THYSSENKRUP XERVON EGYPT, many projects

START Date: 
January, 2008
END Date: 
January, 2007

Estimation Engineer
Jan 2007 – Jan 2008

ThyssenKrupp Xervon is a company of German origin, one of the Industrial services companies of ThyssenKrupp AG and it is specialized worldwide in the following activities:

•        Corrosion Protection

•        Thermal Insulation

•        Metallic Cladding

•        Fireproofing

•        Metallic Scaffolding

•        Electric, instrumentation and Commissioning

•        Flooring Paints, lining and refurbishment

Work duties:

·         Breaking down the whole expenses into direct and indirect costs.

·         Breaking down the direct costs into material, equipment and direct manpower costs.

·         Breaking down the indirect costs into the different items such as Accommodation, catering, transportation, mobilization of materials, Personnel, temporary facilities and  others, overheads, profit … etc.

·         Finding out, in coordination with the related parties, the different parameters for the extra expenses that may incurred and finding out together the rectifying measures to be taken accordingly.



·         Approving the various subcontractors invoices.

·         Contact the different suppliers to get different quotations for the required supplies.

·         Perform the cost estimation process on an excel sheet including a price comparison sheet.

·         Prepare the needed offer/ tender including the technical and financial conditions.

·         Follow the different projects needs like equipment, materials, supervisors and workers.

·         Revise the projects’ contracts, obligations and other relevant terms.