Egypt (AF.EG)


START Date: 
August, 1999
END Date: 
July, 2001

    ·     Assisted contract department in evaluation of time impact claims.

    ·     Monitored and evaluated the project work progress through weekly site visits; included updated project schedule. Prepared weekly/ monthly progress reports.

    ·     Prepared the company monthly invoice for client.

Planning Engineer, PROMATEC (Project Management Technologies), BUILDING DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM in VACSERA (The Holding Company for Biological Products & Vaccines)

START Date: 
August, 2001
END Date: 
December, 2001

    ·     Monitored and evaluated work progress for the projects.

    ·     Updated the projects schedule and prepared weekly/ monthly progress reports.

Prepared the presentation to client to show the project progress.

Planning Engineer, Integrated Project Management (IPM), (various projects)

START Date: 
November, 2002
END Date: 
August, 2004

    ·     Assisted project manager in the assembly of documentation for claims regarding an arbitration case.

    ·     Performed document control for all projects.

    ·     Monitored and evaluated work progress.

    ·     Updated periodically the projects schedules.

Senior Planner, ALICO EGYPT, (various projects)

START Date: 
September, 2004
END Date: 
July, 2005

    ·     Supervised junior planners to cover the planning department activities.

    ·     Provided time impact feedback to contracting department for the assessment and evaluation of claims in various projects.

    ·     Prepared work schedules to be coordinated with all company departments to meet client goals and priorities.

Contracts Engineer, Fluor International, AUC New Campus Development Project

START Date: 
August, 2005
END Date: 
March, 2007

    ·     Monitored work changes - for all trades - with contract administrator and estimation team.

    ·     Reviewed the validity of change requests based on contract obligations.

    ·     Assisted in the assembly of documentation for claims regarding an arbitration case.

Project Planner, British Petroleum, Future office for bp Egypt

START Date: 
April, 2007
END Date: 
September, 2008

    ·     Assisted in the collection of information on real estate market as well as BP and non-BP shared learning.

    ·     Assisted in the formulation of Product and Work Breakdown Structure.

    ·     Participated in surveys of perspective locations and prepared relevant reports.

Project Controls Manager, Hill International, (various projects)

START Date: 
October, 2008
END Date: 
April, 2011

    ·     Assisted Senior Controls Manager and coordinated with Project Managers to prepare the Projects Management Plans.

    ·     Managed/ Reviewed with Concerned Managers in preparing the Work breakdown Structure, Project Procedures, Master/ Recovery/ Progress Schedules, Organization Chart, regular/ irregular reports and executive presentations.

Project Management Office Manager, Khedma for Project & Facilities Management, (various projects)

START Date: 
October, 2015
END Date: 
November, 2016

    ·     Define, Maintain and Manage the project management methodologies incorporating structures, standards, processes, documentation and reporting which is matching the needs of the project(s) and puts emphasis on the quality of decision making and timely project delivery.

    ·     Assist and advise with advising project managers and teams on the best use of project management disciplines, and approaches within a fast-paced, high technology environment.

Deputy Managing Director for Technical Affairs/ Chief Executive Manager (CEM), Khedma for Project & Facilities Management, (various projects)

START Date: 
November, 2016
END Date: 
October, 2017

    ·     Participate with the Company Board in developing a vision and strategic plan to guide company business.

    ·     Prepare/Update the company vision and strategic plan; and the relevant mission(s), programs/services to support the agreed company vision and strategic plan.

Project Controls Engineer, Al Robaia for Contracting, Villa Apartments, Area 1, All Real Estate projects in Dreamland Egypt.

START Date: 
January, 1998
END Date: 
June, 1999

 Prepared variation requests; claims and invoices

Prepared daily reports (All Projects) and monthly progress reports

Perform cost control for construction site work

Supervised concrete quality control

Assisted in construction site work when needed

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