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Reporting, Making Use of Recorded Data and Types of Reports

TITLE - Reports


0. Overview

0.1 Making Use of Recorded Data

0.1.1 Most organisations keep some sort of record on their projects.

0.1.2 Very few make any beneficial use of the available records.

0.1.3 This chapter sets out to show:

         1. Best practice in keeping appropriate records.

         2. What use can be made of the data during construction and afterwards.

1. Introduction

1.1 Types of Reports

1.1.1 There are two types of reports.

        1. Reporting the currents status of the project.

        2. Recording data for future reference.

1.1.2 In each of the two categories the report should refer to the situation regarding:

        1. Time.

        2. Resources.

        3. Information Flow.

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