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A Defense of the AACE Recommended Practice for Forensic Schedule Analysis

"A Defense of the AACE Recommended Practice for Forensic Schedule Analysis" by

  • By Kenji Hoshino and
  • John Livengood


The purpose of AACE Recommended Practice: Forensic Schedule Analysis (Recommended Practice! FSA) is to provide a unifying, standard reference for the forensic application of CPM scheduling. The belief is that such a standard will alleviate, if not eliminate, the confusion among practitioners regarding terminol ogy, definitions and techniques of forensic scheduling. The end result is to decrease the number of unneces sary disagreements concerning technical implementa tion and allow the practitioners to concentrate their skills on resolving disputes over substantive issues.


To that end, Recommended Practice FSA will define, describe and explain the usage of various forensic scheduling techniques in current use. It is not the intent of the Recommended Practice to exclude or to endorse any technique over others. However, it will offer caveats for usage and offer examples of best current practices and implementation for each technique. The focus of the document will be on the technical aspects of foren sic scheduling as opposed to the legal aspects. How ever, relevant legal principles will be discussed to the extent that they would affect the choice of techniques and their relative advantages and disadvantages.

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