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Tunnel Construction and the use of Linear Project - The key to plan ahead

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Here is a useful article about Tunnel Construction and the use of Linear Project...

Tunnel construction is strongly impacted by soil classification determining the way of building the tunnel and also the production rates. Wrong assumptions and estimates often cause project delays and lead to cost increase.

The following case shows an option how to plan and schedule tunnel projects using time distance diagrams as more suitable for this kind of construction work. They allow to show the building process in a 2 dimensional way. The main advantage are the distance profiles allowing to apply section based drilling speed to the activities linked to the different rock classes. Multiple scenarios allow to optimize the usage of the expensive equipment and also the follow up works.

Finally during execution an exact monitoring can be used to document the impact of the actual rock classes to the execution being a perfect instrument to prepare and defence claims.

Read more about the usage of TILOS in tunnel in the attachment below.