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Resource Allocation & baseline

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Asadullah Magsi
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can we make a resourse baseline??means i assign resourse to activities before setting base line,n then i assign base line,
can we say these are planned resourse??
while project in progress resourse may vairy.
will it show diffrence as in case of activities dates??
i m new in this matter


Mike Testro
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Hi Asadullah

You assign resources to an activity in a programme.

You have to have the activities in place first.

When putting together a Bottom Up programme I set the durations at "best guess" based on my experience.

I then set up the resource modelling software to take the work load for each activity and the appropriate gang size.

This generates a resourced duration that over rides my original best guess.

Make sure that the resourced programme complies with your start and end dates in the contract.

This would represent your Planned resources.

If the work load or gang sizes change during progress you can change the resources in your baseline to replicate the anticipated effect on progress.

I hope this helps.

Best regards

Mike Testro