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Update & Follow up

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Giji Thomas
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Anybody can help me to answer the following:

Is it same meaning that Update schedule & Follow-up schedule? the term i got it from some reference books.


ashraf alawady
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Mounir,that means you have agreed with me,thanks
Karim Mounir
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i think that:

Update Schedule: means to get the actual dates and the % complete for the activities.

Follow-up Schedule: means to monitor specific activities or the whole schedule ( a 4 weeks look ahead).
ashraf alawady
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I believe that the up dated programme is the monitoring of the proress for all the base-line programme’s activities at certain data date based on the actual start and finish dates and the %completed for each activity so, it can show the recent status of the complete project .
The following up proramme can be used only to monitor specific nos. of activities for certain peroid and we can get the status of those activites during that period and we can use the same to prepae weekly following up programme or two weeks ahead following up programme for the main activities.
John Lawson
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"Follow-up Schedule" usually refers to a schedule that is developed and implemented to follow after the completion of the main Project Schedule.

An example would be in Engineering Design, following the completion of the work, a "Follow-up Schedule" is often implemented.

The type of work covered:
- Provide technical support during Construction /Comm.
- Maintain / update design,
- Resolving site technical querries
- Finalise Vendor information
- Dealing with authorities / other parties etc.
The schedule results in creating a need for a group of technical resources to support the Project post completion of the design.

As for an "Update Schedule", never heard that one before, as a quess it could be a schedule that has been updated with the current progresss and status.

If you check the following site their is an interesting list of standard terms (Glossary section), mind no referance to your two terms.