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Baseline / target discussion

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Stephen Fawcett-J...
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Joined: 13 Jul 2005
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Can anyone help on our discussion with our client. We are currently 5 weeks into a shutdown and due to various reasons are behind with the schedule. The client has asked to re-baseline the plan. We are at 35% complete with approximately 4 weeks to go, we have said that we will re-target ("re-baseline") the schedule to meet the original end date. He is insisting on the S Curve being taken back to 0% and to start from the new agreed re-baseline date. This is where we differ we think it should remain at 35% and progress from there. Are we missing the point ?




Stephen Fawcett-J...
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Joined: 13 Jul 2005
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We have based our curve from 35% as the start of our new target, unfortunatley on the first day of our recovery programme we had no progress as the offshore platform we were flying to was fogged in !! so a great start to the recovery !!!! Back to the drawing board !!! Thanks for your responses & help


Se de Leon
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Hi Stephen,

IMHO If it’s only the principle behind the presentation of the new S-curve is the issue, I don’t think there’s a problem here. But you must clarify with your client that the new progress curve which starts at 0 is only for the remaining works.

Progress curve relating to billing should use the the curve which starts at 35%. I really find it strange why this is being required of you.

Jose Frade
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Hi Stephen

I had exactly the same problem in the past.
What ever solution you decide (start at 0 or 35%) the remaining work that has to be accomplished in the remain 4 weeks represents 65% of the total. If someone wants to see it starting at 0 must be aware that in fact this particular 0=35%.

The best way to see it in the S curve is to make a copy of your actual base line (new revison - give a different file name).
1. In the newly created file mark all completed activities as done in the original target date.

2. Reschedule all remaining activities according the new situation/recovery plan showing the end where you thing you can finish the project.

3. Recalculate the new target file with data date = starting date of the 35% (or the new 0%).

4. Store period performance for this target file.

5. Open the actual database. Make baseline the new created target.

6. Checking the s-curves they should joing at point 35% and be coincident for the future at this moment in time. For the future they will show the progress of the works towards the new target and the deviations if you are not able to follow the newplan.

7. In conclusion 0 or 35% is irrelevant because any one can prove that the new 0 does not correspond to the start of the works/progress. Personaly I prefer to start at 35% because you have a direct reading about the progress figure.

Note: Obviously the steps mentioned apply to P3.

I hope I could help.

Best regards


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Hi Stephen,

I think it will be to your advantage if you will make a new S-curve that will start at 0%.

The momentum of your work will generate "hyperbolic curve" that may show positive variance between the actual progress against planned progress (as graphically shown in the new S-curve insisted by the client).

You can try simulation: one simulation incorporate your concept while another simulation will incorporate the concept of the client. From there your PMT may decide on the best approach.


Raja Izat Raja Ib...
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this is really good question, because i have this bad experience before, very difficult to explain why they want the curve to restart 0%..maybe this client dont know how the curve works.
Anyhow as my past experience,what i do is u extract all the remaining activities start with new curve start at 0%make as revised schedule but dont throw the first curve. monitor both of them its the same thing only thing u must remember the title u have to put as remaining activities for Main Curve (this is for your own sake) or u can do the rivised curve start with 35%. let them choose.