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Interview Questions - 1

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Tanveer Ahmad Niazi
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Hi All Planners,

ewcwntly i appeared  in a job interview for the position of planning Engineer. The interviewer was the MD of the company and had a good knowldge of primavera. I am shareing these question (and the answers) to all my planet fellows. I dont know all of them were right or not. If any senior & experienced planner is there, please comment if the answer was wrong. Thanx

1- what is a constrant?

A- constrant is user defined restriction to an activity to its start or finish.

2- what is the difference b/t P3 & P6?

A- A lot of featurs are there in P6 which r not in P3. mainly they r check-in/check-out, create reflection etc.

3- what is check-in check-out function?

A-if u have a large project construction site at multiple locations and u r working on P6-stand along and have only one planner for the project then it is impossible to have a computer reeserved for him at all of your site with having the same copy of the project paln to update. here v check-out our schedule to a moveable drive or laptop and take that to all the sites for the update or change and check that back in having done the job. the advantage of this function is that v can have a copy of our program and the original copy will remain unchaned untill v chack  that in again. the original copy of the plan would not rovide option to work on it when it is in the chech-out status.


Tanveer Ahmad Niazi
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Joined: 15 Dec 2005
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Hi Anbin Ponnith

Thank you very very much for clearing me the difference b/t P3 & P6. I realy didnt know that

Anbin Ponnith
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Hai Tanveer

This is my Answer for your Interview Questions

1.Constraint - In order to accomplish an activity on specific day .

2.Difference between P3 & P6

a P3 maintains each project as a separate group of files.

b.P6 stores all projects in a single database

c.P3 use Btrieve Database Engine

d.P6 use SQL Server or Oracle database


3.I dont have lot  idea about Check i  check

If its Wrong Pls correct me also