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Methods of Construction (E. EQUIPMENT & FURNISHING

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hussein obey
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Dear All,

Reference to my previous posting for Methods of Construction and that no one has shared the issue except for "Sukumaran Subaramaniyan" who advised to breack down the subject and to focus on objectives.

Our objectives are to formulate the method statement for different construction project items as a step towards standardizing scheduling practice. Then to publish this manual among all planning planet members to be circulated as a property for planning planet community.

We here are talking about "E. EQUIPMENT & FURNISHINGS" which as a start may be brokedown as follows:


E10 Equipment
E1010 Commercial Equipment
E1020 Institutional Equipment
E1030 Vehicular Equipment
E1040 Other Equipment

E20 Furnishings
E2010 Fixed Furnishings
E2020 Movable Furnishings

This is our project and you all will be proud of it.

Thank you,

Hussein, M.Sc. in construction management.


hussein obey
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Hi all,
Hi Mr Khaled
Hi Mr Sukumaran Subaramaniyan

I intend to set some kind of rewarding system as a motivation for our selves to work on this project.
So, I need to formulate an evaluation committee to evaluate posts then based on the committee evaluation the Planner will win the reward for each approved post.

The Reward:
All participants that their posts are approved by the committee will win a valuable Project Management Book and have the right to select one of the following books:
- McGraw Hill - Project Management
- Mcgraw-Hill The Six Sigma Project Planner Ebook
- AMACON - Modern Project Management
- Project Management - New Six Sigma - A Leader Guide To Achieving Rapid Business (Prentice Hall)
- Project Management - The Evolutionary Project Manager’s Handbook
- Project Management - The Project Manager’s MBA
- Project Management Manual
- Project Management Skills
- Project Manager Manual
- Wiley - Practical Project Management
- Wiley - Project Management Methodologies

So, Mr Khaled,Mr Sukumaran Subaramaniyan I invite you to be the first two members of the A/M committee so, please if you agree let me know.

All members can begin posts submition and receiving rewards from now. temporarily I will evaluate the posts till the committee is founded and any one of the members is encouraged to sent his evaluation to any post.

Thank You all,

Hussein Abdel Maksoud, M.Sc. construction Management
hussein obey
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