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problems restoring .xer in P6 7.0 that was saved from ver.8.2

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Wei Lin
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Hi guys,

First post here and I'm looking for help.  Contractor is using ver.8.2. We are using 7.0.  Contractor saved an .xer file in 7.0 format using 8.2.  On the accompanying hardcopy schedule, two activities have actual dates before the data date(one milestone, one task dependent activity), one LOE activity has actual dates after the data date.  Schedule fouls aside, when I restored the .xer, the two activities with the proper actual dates did not have actual dates anymore.  Rather, they have become unstarted activities riding the data date.  Thinking the contractor exported the wrong file, I asked him to load the correct one.  He claims to have reloaded the correct one.  But the same thing happend again when I restored the new .xer.  Has anyone encountered similar issue or can shed some lights on the subject?  Thank you in advance.