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Free Float higher than Total Float

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Stefano Bignozzi
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Primavera did it again.

How can that Free Float is Higher than Total Float (for activities with Total Float >=0).

It is sufficient that, inside the schedule, you have some activities with negative Total Float.

Has anybody experienced the same problem and is Oracle going to fix it?


Stefano Bignozzi
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that's a good point of view, counterpart can always claim for the Free Float without beeing culpable of delaying the project.

I wander what delay analyst will say about this.

Rafael Davila
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... it is incredible but some people believe it is possible because they have observed such anomaly in their software.


A1020 is critical but shows free float, weird, very weird ...

Any float is available to whoever reaches to it first, the more Free Float the more you can take without the Owner being able to claim it was your delay especially when the Owner selects the software. If the delay is not because of you then it shall be because of him.

Some software adjust FF to zero when negative float is created by their implementation of constraints that fool CPM logic, it prevents the user from believing there is FF when it does not, but under positive float having free float higher than total float is weird.

Negative float is still a poor implementation of date constraints, with good implementation of these constraints there is no need to create negative float to show criticality. Some software do not apply unachievable constraint late dates and set late dates equal to early dates as soon as this happens, showing criticality while not breaking the rules of time, late cannot be earlier than early. Back to the future is a movie, it is not real life.

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