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Printing off Histograms and S-Curves

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Edward Brown
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Can Somebody help me.

im a Junior planner working on my first planning report that needs to be submitted later today.

I attended a P6 course earlier on in the year and need a recap on how to print off resource histograms and S-curves.

I've got my P6v1 Manual infront of me and i cant seem to find in it how to do this.

I need to be able to do this in P6 and P5.



Marwin U
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I have a query related to this post. It seems that P6 is showing independently the histograms and curves for budgeted, actual and remaining. What I want is to show that the remaining curve will start at the endpoint of the actual. (remaining is the continuation of the actual) The same as in P3 (Current vs Target 1), the two curves can then show if at the end of the project your actual project cost is higher or lower that the budjeted cost.

Any possible solution?

Thanks in advance.



Edward Brown
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Thanks both,

This was a great help.


Irfan Khan
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Hi Edward,  For printing of ur resource histograms and S-curves u hv to go here : 1. > view > Show on Bottom > Activity Usage Profile or select whatever u want. after apearing ur profile on bottom follow these steps : 2. > File > Print Setup > Options > uncheck all except Profile. i hope it will help u ......  regards,,,,  Irfan Khan  
Andy Power
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In print options, deselect activity table and gantt and select profile ..... this should print out the histogram for you.