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P3e - Project Export without Baseline!!!

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Matt Rudge
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Hi all,

Before going on holiday I exported a project as an XER to a network drive so a colleague could update whilst I was away.

I have returned today to find this was unable to be done as the exported XER file did not contain the Baseline!!!

Has anybody else experienced this? If so how did you get over it (apart from moving to a central database, which we are in the process of doing and will need to move locally stored projects from individuals machines to network when finalised!!)


One solution is to restore the baseline to a project, take a copy, reattach original baseline, export project and copy of baseline then re-attach. A bit cumberome but, as previously pointed out, P6 will allow you to export up to 3 baselines attached to your project.
Arthur Godbeer
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That’s how it works in 5.0. Including baseline(s) in one step is an option in 6.0.