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Reports: Resource Loading Summary for a particular OBS

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Amar Aghana
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Joined: 15 Aug 2005
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Guys, I have created few projects and OBS.

Under OBS I have listed few responsible project managers.

In project details, Assigned Responsible Manager from OBS.

Now I want to print Resource Loading summary for a particular Responsible Manager.

The filter in Resource Wizard is not having field called "Responsible Manager".

Please advise, Amar.


Amar Aghana
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Joined: 15 Aug 2005
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Gordon, I Checked with POINT. They informed this facility is not available in 4.1 but is available in 5.0. Thanks for participation by all.
Gordon Blair
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Not sure, strictly speaking, if the programme is designed to do this. The people within the OBS can have their ’fingers in many pies’ across any number of projects.
While I agree it could be useful to be able to advise an individual when one of their resources is over-allocated, the software doesn’t appear to be set up to do this...
Am assuming that you’ve tried filtering for all activities where Resp Mgr = ...
Have you tried creating a UDF, and running it that way....?
David Kelly
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Wow. not often I’m beat. Can’t do this in the report wizard, Resource spreadsheet, tracking layouts, or the resource assignments view.