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Rahmat Hidayat
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Does anybody know how to create workload in P3e (like dia-in piping weld, m3 concrete pouring, M1 cable installation, ect).

I don’t understand why P3e v 3.51 categorize material as "expenses" (inderect cost), whereas there is many direct material that relevant with workload.


Alex Wong
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One way to measure the physical completion "Work Load" as you describe, is to use the combination of Physical completion and Steps in P3e. You set up the activty % type as Physical and then use the steps to identify the volumn of works is require for that particular activity. P3e will set up the weighting automatically. Once this activity is schedule you can progress it by updating the quantity in the Step. The % comp will be calculated automatically, since your resource and cost is already identified in the Resource you can link your cost with progress if desireable.
Rahmat Hidayat
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Thank’s all for your responses.What I mean with workload is measurable work production by using a representative unit measurement. For instance, I want to measure piping work progress based on its welding production i.e. "dia-in. In this case unit price per "dia-in" already considered all associated resource costs (manpower, eqp, tool, consumable matl, and indirect portion). I hope this answer unclarity.

In my experience, we usually not control resources directly because we subcontract the works. Therefore we control the subcontractors based on their production.

As I know P3 v3.1 can do it but not in P3e v3.51.

No, it is not easy if you want to assign materials to a resource (gas to a car, electricity to a crane, etc.).

I understood the question differently, maybe the term workload was not used correctly, maybe I did not understood the question properly. I understood that Rahmat asked if you can assign materials to activities, basing on their quantitative characteristics, that was called workloads. We use this approach defining activity volumes in meters, tons or other physical units and then applying databases with the norms of material consumptions per one volume unit.

Maybe Rahmat will clarify his question?

Best Regards,
If I understood Rahmat correctly, workload and materials are not the same. For a certain length (100m for example) of the pipeline you will need 104 m of pipes (also an example) and a lot of other materials. Workload is the length, not materials that are necessary. We call it activity volume.
ming cheung
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The best workaround is use the V4.0 release, which support materials as resource