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Which Product will suit my needs for Resource Evaluation

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Ted Krush
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First question: 

Can either Project or Primavera show phases of a project in a single line on the Gantt Chart?  My internet research shows a waterfall arrangement from the images and videos. 

I am new to Project Planning Software and new to the task of Determining current workload and availability of resources.  In nutshell, a position has open up and was asked to fill.  I have been asked to come up with better understanding of resource needs.  I am wondering which Software would be suit my task which is who has what and can they take more work on or do we need to hire or stretch projects out.  I have access to MS Project and likely have access to Primavera. 

We have a client that feeds us handful of facilities each year (80 for FY20 alone) for which we perform the construction administration services.  Each project goes through 4 main phases for which the completion of one phase or milestone, the moves the project in the next phase.  The problem is that milestones slip and we want to track this slippage better and easly see issues sooner.

Second Question:

If both software can show a project in a single line, which software would be better for showing the data at different perspectives, e.g.  “Now show me the workload for each office or person.


Spider Project will suit all your current and future needs for resource management.
Zoltan Palffy
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yes you can roll up activities to any level which you choose