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Problem on Updating

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Stanley Okolorie
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Good morningPlease am having issues when reporting, when ever i have to update the percentage work progress in it changes the finished date assigned to it by reducing the actual date and if i try to bring it back to the actual date that is assigned to it, it will reduce the percentage to zero percent. what is cause am confused in P6  Thanks


Zoltan Palffy
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to update an activity 1st click the started box 

2nd put in the actual date that it started

3rd put in the remaining duration

Santosh Bhat
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When in Activity View, select the Activity Details at the bottom of the screen, in the General Tab, check that the % Complete Type is set to Physical not Duration.

You may need to check for all activities - you can do this by adding the % Complete Type  column to the activity view, changing one, select the ones you wish to change and then right-click and select "Fill Down"