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Roberto Brogi
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Can someone tell me the maximum number of activities for a single planner to maitain efficiently ?




Mike Testro
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Until you exceed your P6 database capacity and then you are stuffed.

Hi Roberto,

its all depend on the size of the project and Maintenance of monitoring and controlling sheet.

example:- If you are scheduling for the 400Villas (Project schedule), Each Villa carries the 50 No of Activites = 400villa * 50Activies = 20,000Activities. 

If the villa construction is typical -> there is no such effect.

If the villa construction is Non-Typical -> need to separate them for monitoring purpose. 

Roberto Brogi
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Hi guys ! Thanks for yout fast and clear reply.

I seem to remember I read (where ?) that 7K - 8K approx wsa the maximun number of activity manageable efficiently by a single planner at the same time. My interest was only to size the planning capacity inside a project oriented company.

Thanks to you again. Roberto

Zoltan Palffy
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there is no limit becasue typically you are only dealing with 5% of the activites at any given time. 

Anoon Iimos
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Why should there be limit for number of activities when the intention is to achieve the best quality? And what's the difference between ten activities vs. one million activities when both may able to achieve the same or desired results? I guess it never depends on "number of activities" but on how you have structured or modeled your activities (or project) in such a way that you can measure it at anytime against a certain "planning unit".